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garment and laundry filmOur heavy-duty garment bags extend the life of your clothes. Store out-of season clothes in dust-proof, moth-proof bags. Keep expensive clothing protected year 'round. The clear poly plastic lets you see what's inside. Contour shaped to fit easily over any hanger. Guard against dirt, dust, discoloration and odors. 13-piece set includes 5 extra-long dress bags and 8 suit bags.

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What better method to advertise your emblem than to provide your clients with emblem printed garment covers? That method, you'll not only increase your emblem visibility on the high street, nevertheless your emblem name will be seen everywhere the individual wearing your clothes are intended to proceed - from weddings to business meetings.

Details about   Clear polythene suppliers Bags 9"x12" 500 Gauge Heavy Duty

Clear polythene suppliers Bags 9"x12" 500 Gauge Heavy Duty

I've dash a few races where numbers are in transparent polythene suppliers covers - would have been useful yesterday nevertheless who would have known in advance. Mine was hanging on by one safety pin - at the stop - yesterday!

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transparent laundry bags plastic wholesale factory dry cleaning rolling garment poly bag .

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Ziweiba Set of 5 Delicates Laundry Bags Micro-mesh System Lingerie Bag Included Descriptions

Zipped Laundry Washing Bag Laundry Bags Net Mesh Bra Clothes all the item comes with shopping packaging 30CM X 40CM 50cm x 60cm ITEM WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS DISPLAY ON PAYPAL TRANSACTION SHIPPING ADD SECTION (Please check the package contain & Return policy before bidding!) 100% BRAND NEW Material 100% nylon net bag Keep socks, bra's, underwear, tights etc separate from other clothes in the wash utilising the mesh wash bag. Keep your washing organised no more lost socks. Protect bras, laces, undies, socks and any small items stop items getting lost or getting into drum All in sealed pack Protect delicate materials Mesh diperse running water Only occupy up 2/3 to enable movement inside washing machine Bag surface cooperate with washing machine and make washing easier and quicklier keep safe crock of washing machine and lengthen the usage of washing machine Read more details..

Haver Plastics are UK leaders in corrosion-preventative VCI packaging and polythene suppliers masking bags. Manufacturers and suppliers of VCI film, bags, masking covers with a big stock spectrum of plain polythene suppliers bags and VCI bags, sheets and paper rolls.

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Our poly Laundry bags are inexpensive, lightweight and protect clothing. Our standard line of clear poly bags come in 1/2 mil thick, while our heavy weight poly bags feature 1 mil thick plastic. They come with a pre slit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Our Laundry plastic bags come preprinted with suffocation warnings. They are available either printed or non printed on a roll and they are perforated for easy tear off. Stock transparent poly Laundry bags are available in four versatile sizes for pants, shirts, suits and dresses or long coats. Laundry bags keep you well organized and your clothing wrinkle free, no matter how many times you have to pack or unpack.

  • Excellent clothing protection.
  • Light and transparent poly bags that fit all clothing sizes.

Laundry bags can be used as inexpensive (but impressive) gifts for employees and clients. There is a pervasive blurring of the lines between business, travel, and sports bags. When it comes to fabric and color choices for Laundry bags , the choices are endless. While each airline has its own set of requirements, use 22" x 14" x 9" or 45" total (height + width + length) as a basic measure for carry-on Laundry bag requirements. These dimensions include all handles, wheels and other extrusions.

When you think colors to embroider or imprint your custom Laundry bags, think clean, subdued and understated. Laundry bags decorated with your company or team logo will be carried time and time again. Good Custom Laundry Bag

Clear Laundry Bags

Inexpensive clothing protection! Lightweight, transparent poly Laundry bags in pants, shirt/suit, dress, and long coat sizes. Preslit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Preprinted with suffocation warning. Packaged on a roll and perforated for easy tear off.


For good quality laundry bags Polybags is the right place to go. Very good quality products at a low cost!

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