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Laundry Bags Direct is specialised in laundry bags and dry cleaning bags and is also a division of Polybags Ltd. Polybags is one of the top polythene packaging and plastic bags suppliers in UK with more than 45 years of experience ensuring quality to their products. Please also check the list bellow with some of the main categories available at Polybags.co.uk.

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Our fast growing organisation is manufacturing, exporting and supplying a superior quality Printed Laundry Bags . The bags offered by us are highly admired among our clients for keeping laundry. By utilising optimum quality basic materials and sophisticated techniques, our deft craftsmen design these bags in accordance with the industry defined guidelines. As per the set universal norms, our quality auditours closely inspect these Printed Laundry Bags on diverse parameters so as to provide defect-free spectrum at clients' stop.

Clear polythene suppliers bags or normal plastic bags have become an integral part our life and are virtually used in almost all spheres to pack something or the other. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) flat poly bags are commonly used for packing and transportation of alternative things like pebbles, stones, and foods to clothes, ice, and more. Flat poly bag manufacturers use LDPE to make these bags and supply them across industries. Of course, what you store in these bags relies on their thickness, size, and weight bearing capacity. Universal Plastics is an experienced plastic poly bags manufacturer who provides high-quality custom poly bags for alternative applications. Additionally, these bags are broadly used in the food industry, and we ensure that our bags meet the FDA requirements for food contact as our poly bags are manufactured of virgin materials.

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott dreamed up the “Invested in You” slogan and a new promoting campaign that will include all from television commercials to sponsored dry cleaning bags in which top FBN talent remind clients to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Our lightweight and 100% cotton canvas Laundry Bags are on offer in alternative sizes. Breaths in quality and flawlessness, our spectrum is strongly checked on the parameters of durability and strength. Available in alternative designs, these bags assist to retain the surroundings clean by keeping all the things in an organised manner. We also provide customisation on the parameters of dimension, design, colour and stop.

Hado polythene suppliers is based in Malvern, Worcestershire. We specialise in supplying plain polythene suppliers bags (poly bags), printed Polybags

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Featuring transparent plastic bags and much more on sale online. Browse transparent plastic bags on sale now.

Deton Pack Leading Plastic Laundry Roll Or Laundry Rolls Manufacturer & Supplier in Dubai UAE, We have all Kind of Plastic Laundry Roll or Clear Laundry Bags which is used to Store Dirty Bags, New or Washed Packng Bags, Laundry Cloth Packing Bags, Dry Cleaning Bags, Cloth Packing Bags, Cloth Packaging Bags, Self Adhesive T shirt , Paint Packing Bags. We have complimentary delivery to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah

Send your outgoing orders out with custom printed garment covers to have a professional, upscale see. Available in glue top or fold back and in a assortment of sizes. 2,500 per box. There is a 5 box minimum for custom print garment covers. Print in 1 or 2 ink colours on the front or back.

The balls are afterwards enclosed in transparent polythene suppliers covers and packaged in hardboard boxes — prepared to be shipped overseas.

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More products from our wholesale suppliers

Mailing bags
Mailing Bags & Courier Bags
Designed for postal and/or courier transport, mailing bags are light, waterproof and have an integral adhesive strip, they are designed to fit many different types of products that need mailed. Courier sacks are made with a 3 layer co-extruded polythene mix to ensure maximum tear resistance and protection of the product from weather or punctures. Usually they are white on the outside layer and light grey on the inside layer giving them an opaque appearance, however any coloured polyethylene can be used. Polybags stocked ranges cover economy and 'Tuff' mailers, mailorder and courier bags, tamper proof, padded envelopes and even high impact metallic advertising mailers. Plastic mailing bags, or polythene mailing bags, are very popular these days due to the variety of choices of mailer bags.
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Plastic Tubing & Polythene Sheeting
Tubing and sheeting are an excellent packaging alternative when packaging multiple items sharing a common width or diameter but varying lengths. Poly sheeting can be used to wrap around products and secure with tape or banding or some other method. Tubes and Plastic Sheets also provide a more effective packaging solution for protection against rust and corrosion for both ferrous, non-ferrous metal and also multi metal surfaces, spares, parts assemblies and finished goods.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble Film & Bubble Bags
Bubble film and bubble bags have proved to be one of the most versatile packaging materials of recent years. Being soft and flexible and yet displaying incredible tear resistance, bubble film has earned itself a place in almost every packaging environment. Polybags.co.uk offers a full line of bubble bags and bubble wrap. Whether you need a reclosable bubble bag, a bubble bag with a lip and tape for easy closing, or bubble wrap to protect your shipments you will find it there.
Bag ties and sealers
Bag Ties & Bag Sealers
Paper and plastic bag ties and clips, adhesive disks and hooks used as a closure to secure the content or highlight your bags plus manual heat sealers to find the right way for you to close or seal your bags or make your exact size bag.
Specialist bags
Specialist Bags & Packaging
Film Front Bags, High Density Food Bags, Vacuum Pouch Bags, Net Bags, Poly Gloves, Polymax bags - NEW, Tenax sleeving and Special waste sacks
Plain polythene bags
Polythene Bags & Plastic Bags
One of the most successful types of packaging is the polythene bag, or Polybag. Polythene is a cost competitive and versatile plastic and has less effect on the environment. Polythene bags come in all shapes and sizes from small bags to large bags Polybags Ltd. offer plain polythene bags plastic bags or storage bags in various sizes and shapes. Plastic bags are available in LDPE and HPDE materials.
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip Seal & Slider Grip Bags
Grip seal and slider grip bags have a slider profile that enables you to slide open and shut the bag. Ideal where you want to secure contents and avoid leakage or contamination, no need of bag-sealer, staples or tape. Slider grip bags are perfect for document storage.
Presentation bags and retail bags
Polypropylene Bags & Retail Bags
A range of crystal clear presentation and retail bags manufactured from high clarity polypropylene film these are the best choices for product presentation. Presentation and Retail bags offer better moisture protection and are clearer and stronger preserving the product freshness when used for a food service application.
Carrier bags
Stocked Carrier Bags
A variety of clear and colored stocked carriers to suit your specific product be it CD's, books or paintings. These are standard carrier bags for everyday use such as clothing and lightweight general shopping.
Environmental bags
Environmentally Friendly Packaging & Biodegradable Bags
Billions of plastic bags are choking our planet. All of these "free" bags ultimately cost both consumers and the environment plenty so now Polybags manufactures and stocks a wide range of eco-friendly green packaging products to suit your needs and help towards a better environment.
Garment bags and pallet covers
Garment Covers & Pallet Covers
Polybags is now a leading UK manufacturer of Dry Cleaning Garment covers and Laundry Bags as well as a major stockist of wide sheeting and shrinkable pallet covers for outside and in-transit protection. These are large plastic bags for covering pallets during shipment. Use it to cover pallets that you will store inside or outside, protecting from the weather, dust, paint, water, snow, and other common uses. Pallet Covers can also be used as liners for bins.
Transit packing
Transit Packing
A selection of associated packaging products such as stretchwrap, tape, boxes, pallet covers and document enclosed envelopes for transit packing - All in stock for next day delivery if required.